Living in the country and on a small Farm is a great way of life. I love it!

We have horses, a few cattle, dogs, and cats.

There is always something to do, we spend a lot of time outside. So sit back and enjoy the view " From My Front Porch"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hay Season

Growing all natural horse hay is a lot of work. Before it gets this tall you have to water it, we use wheel lines.

Then you cut it and let it dry, after it is cut, you let it dry for Three or four days then you have to turn it and let it dry for another two or three days. After it is all dry you then bale the hay.

Then you but it in stacks, after it is stacked, it must be covered so if it rains it won't get wet and mold. Moldy hay is not good for your horse or cattle.

When you need the hay you have to uncover it and load it on a truck and move it to where your horse or cattle are, (this is the hard part) cause then you have to unload it and re-stack it.

On any given day if you were sitting on my porch you could see my Dad, great grand Pa, my Mom and myself doing one of these things, Or we are feeding our horse and cattle.